Before and After Make Up Pics: Asian Women

With the right make-up, some circle contact lenses, the right lighting, and a wig, you too can look like a female anime character.

You can see a whole bunch more at Red Flava.

Photo Spread: What Happens At The RealDoll Factory …

I’ve had this sitting in my “to-do” list for some weeks ago. When Laughing Squid posted something that is like this on their website, I was partial sad, partially mad, partially motivated to do what should have been done those weeks ago when I first discovered this.

Photographer CanePari uses his lens to take us inside the workings of the RealDoll factory down around my hometown of San Diego, CA.

I first heard of these things back in the late 90s. I think it went like this on the IRC chan I was on at the time. “LOL WTF someone made real woman dolls!”

You’d think at $7,000.00 a doll, that these things might just  be a passing fad for uber-pervs, but with lovely, delightful movies like Lars and The Real Girl. It seems like these dolls provide more than perverted delight.

And even though they don’t sell as often as female dolls, male dolls are available for the women (or man) who’s had enough of the dating, hooking up, cohabiting, and then, perhaps, marrying with an autonomous-thinking male.

Or you could just get a “She-Male” doll; best of both worlds right?

Please, go view the entire RealDoll factory photo spread on CanePari’s website here,
And take a look at the recently made mini-documentary made about RealDoll done by the website California Is A Place.


Srsly, I hate feeling like I’ve been scooped; even though I really haven’t been scooped. Dammit.

Oh Dan. Lacey Does Portraits of Michael Jackson

You might remember Dan Lacey as the guy who paints portraits of people with pancakes on their heads. Or, you might remember him as the guy who likes to paint current president, Barack Obama, butt-naked on a unicorn.

Lacey is back again. His muse this time? Michael Jackson. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence since we are now on the first anniversary of  his death.

You can check out Lacey’s MJ gallery here. My two favorites pieces are posted below. There’s even this creepy one of MJ butt-naked.

He shed his skin cuz God loves and wants him just as he is?

It’s nice to think Tupac and MJ the child are hanging out in heaven together. Maybe doing some new collaborations and creating mash-ups of their old songs.

What’s That Building in Downtown Oakland?

I used to be quite the walker when I first moved back to the Bay. I had an active social life and no car to support it. One of the things I would almost always see and wonder about on my walks is this building at 1100 Broadway in Oakland.

Luckily, Jonathan Haeber, a local urban explorer, was also curious about the building and dedicated one of his urban explorations to uncovering what the building looks like now and what the history of the building is.

Turns out the building used to house the privately owned company Key System.[link] Key System provided mass transit to most of the Bay Area from 1903 to 1960.

According to Wikipedia, Key System was dismantled around 1958. Declining ridership and lobbying by National City Lines [link], an affliate of General Motors ended much of the company’s rail ways.  In 1949, National City Lines, along with General Motors, Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California, and others (Phillips Petroleum, Mack) were sued by the United States for conspiracy to form a “transportation monopoly, and conspiring to monopolize sales of buses and supplies to companies owned by City Lines.” [link]

To find out what else Haeber discovered –like rave flyers from the 80s on one of the floors, and see more photos, check out Haber’s post on Bearings. [link]

Are You Serial? Lollipop-Pies!? WANT!

Every so often, an idea comes along and I’m like “That’s so freaking smart! How did I NOT think about this?” That’s how I felt when I saw a post about Lollipop-Pies a.k.a tiny pies for your mouth on the website Luxirare. [link]

Luxi Rare, writes an overview about making Lollipop-Pies saying that the reason Lollipop-Pies exist is because sometimes Luxi wants “a couple of bites” and wants “to be done with it.”

“I want to eat pie, but I don’t want a whole slice…. I want little pies, yes, with more pie crust than filling. 50 calories or less, no guilt. Eating pie slices makes me feel fat.”


Through links and comments in the original post, you too can learn how to make your own Lollipop-Pies.

Making pie filling. FROM SCRATCH.

Filling the pie.

Laying the stick.

Finished product. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom.

You can read the entire post here. And here’s a link to a store selling lollipop sticks. There’s no reason for you not to get started.

The Cute, The Quirky, The Asians

IMG_0035 (2)I’ve been absent from updating this site simply because that’s just the way it is right now. Hooping, hoop making, and generally hoopy things have taken my time. Here are three hoops I made for clients and a friend.

In the meantime, while I’m sorting out what the world needs and what makes people act dumb, please check out some of the sites on my blogroll. This week I suggest:

Idol Worship: Salvation for the Workshy Congregation [link]

The site is exactly as it says, a fun, quirky, SF-oriented website dedicated to entertaining (distracting) the desk jockeys of the world (unite!). In fact, because of them I found one of my new favorite sites, Asian Poses – The Definite Guide to Asian Poses. [link]

img-1193-poseThat site too, is exactly as it says, a guide to Asian poses. What are Asian poses you ask? And why you ask? Well Asians, particularly those invested in mainstream pop culture (think Japanese Idols), are notorious for their cute and quirky poses. Asian Poses is dedicated to documenting those poses and showing you how you can get your cute and quirky on.

I say it’s about time too. Too often, non-Asian cultures are have been limited to the dull “I’m only smiling in this picture” or “I’m showing my thug face” or the notorious out-of focus, “I’m too cool to act like I’m posing but I’m really posing” picture that became infamous on MySpace or for the females, “I’m posing for all the prisoners in cellblock four” or the “Check me out I could be a model right?” picture.

Now you and me and everybody has no excuses! In addition to writing about the poses, the site author also invites readers to send in their Asian poses through a pose challange. Check out this submission from their reader Samuel.


Check out their site to see more reader submissions and more poses. And check out this short video to see the 27 poses that have been written about so far. Continue reading