Friday Win!

I was looking for FAIL and got WIN instead.

Please watch the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati do a steel drum version of Aphex Twin’s “Alberto Balsalm”

This song comes from Aphex Twin’s (real name Richard David James) album …I Care Because You Do.

Band geeks, God bless ’em

Rube Goldberg Machine Explosion! (Alright, OK Go Too)

From the Japanese kids show,”Pitagora Suicchi” or Pythagora Switch.

It seems like the world is once again in love with the Indie (?) Rock band OK Go, the band just released its second “OMG SO VIRAL” video for the single “This Too Shall Pass” (below the fold) some weeks ago.

If the name of the band sounds familiar, it may be because you saw their first “OMG SO VIRAL” (I should totally trademark this phrase) video, “Here It Goes Again,” in case you aren’t familiar, you can see the video here.

Another reason why the band might sound familiar to you is because lead singer Damian Kulash Jr., wrote a damning editorial piece in the New York Times about OK Go’s record label EMI and major record labels in general for disabling the embed option on music videos in order to make a nickel. You can find a link to that editorial here.

It should come as no surprise that soon after that editorial piece, OK Go left their record label EMI, to create their own record label called Paracadute, (Italian for parachute).

Their latest video features one of the zaniest, large-scale Rube Goldberg Machines I’ve ever seen. Take a look at it in the video below. This is actually the second video for this song; the first video featured the Notre Dame Marching Band playing with the group; you can see that version here.

“This Too Shall Pass,” below Continue reading

Late Night Video Taisō: Para Para Taisō?

Tonight, a little something different. It’s not just a regular taisō, a calisthenic stretching routine done to keep the body in good health, no, this is a taisō plus a para para routine! What the hell is a para para routine you ask?

Para para refers to a synchronized group dance. According to Wikipedia, para para is to Japanese music, what line dancing is to Country music. The routine seems to be easy, so you should have no problem learning it. Ja, minna-san wa ganbatte-ne!

Vintage Video: Marilyn Monroe, Stefani Germanotta er, Lady Gaga

A silent film that was packed away in goodness knows where shows Marilyn Monroe sitting around with friends puffing away on a … spliff? Cigarette? I don’t know, you be the judge.

Lady Gaga, began her new tour in Montreal recently. She took a bit of a tumble on stage but her fans loved her nonetheless.

Before the fans, the peroxide, and the (maybe) nose job though, she was just Stefani Germanotta trying make a name for herself playing clubs and what not.

Watch this video of her playing at a NYU talent show in 2005, before she was Gaga. Continue reading

Think We Better Dance Now

What is it about dancing that can usually make even the surliest and jaded of people tap their foot?  Some even end up releasing all their inhibitions. I don’t know the answer but maybe if we talked to this guy at the Sasquatch Festival he could let us know.

Sometimes people dance as a form of protest. Like in Footloose, which — by the way, is being remade with one of the guys from Gossip Girl playing the Kevin Bacon role. This would make me sad if I hadn’t read about the Short Circuit and Poltergeist remakes in progress.

Anyhow I digress, watch these people dance to protest the plight of skinny jeans on our society.

Did you see that guy whiz by in those golden pants? He’s quick. Those people just ambushed the place.

Sometimes dance attacks aren’t so brutal. Take the Sound of Music train station piece done in Belgium. Continue reading

Britney Spears Vs. Crazy

If Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker is the standard in supportful Britney Spears fans, then this guy here, must be his antithesis.

On May 3rd, 2009, Britney Spears played a concert at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. During her performance of the song “Womanizer,” a fan — Kyle King, jumped on stage to try and bust a move with the pop singer.

The first video capturing the encounter was soon posted to gossip sites like TMZ, Perez Hilton, and Oh No They Didn’t (ONTD). Soon after, commenters on ONTD sent a call-out for better video captures. Finally this video was posted.

In it, you can clearly see Britney Spears become terrified when she spots King in front of her on stage. You’d think that would be the end of it. Crazy fan gets on stage; Britney Spears gets scared.

You’d think.

The day after the incident, King posted a “For The Record” video on YouTube to respond to the media and fan reaction about the incident. In the video he says that the incident was “no big deal” and being blown out of proportion by the media (ignore Britney’s reaction for the moment). He also said he would “do it again in 2 seconds.”

For that response, Kyle has earned the ire of many fans and also some LOLs on his MySpace and YouTube accounts. So what say you, is this being blown out of proportion? Or is this guy just a “self-centered narcissistic” sociopath incapable of having an empathetic reaction to someone’s suffering and using his 15 minutes of fame to his gain?

So yeah — what say you?