Black Women Are So Fcked

I have an education. I have an open mind. I expect better of people. OMG I am so fcked. So doomed.  Will I ever pass on my genetics? Why must I be smart?

Dammit why!

Had I not kept my promise to my mom and not went to college I wouldn’t be here bitching and moaning.


I’d be in SD, doing what everyone in my economic cultural background does in SD. Settling. Living in military housing with 3 or 4 kids already out. And my only cultural experience would be anime conventions.

But no.

I had to go to college and get an education. And guess what? Me worrying about the race of who I go out with is the same as people who worry about what their family will think if they get their partner pregnant out of wedlock. So deal. I know I am.


OMG (My Little) PONIES!1!

The Spoon Graphics blog created a review of 45 creative My Little Pony custom creations. [Link]

Pony customization is not new. The art has been around since 1997 at least.

What is new is the amount of of people creating new customizations and the level of sophistication in the creations.

Customizers buy poor or common ponies (called bait) for use in their art creations. A quick search on eBay reveals other custom ponies and bait lots of My Little Pony for sale.

Read the original article on the Spoon Graphics blog [link] to see more custom creations and find links to the artists’ websites. For a tutorial in how to create your own custom creation, check out the Custom Pony website at [Link]