The Persistent Hooper 3

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A tree grown in Berkeley

I'z dark person. Look at my deep picture

I couldn’t figure out the space I needed when I was hooping on my feet, there were too many things I was worried about hitting. So I kindly asked people to clear a small space around the platform I was on and I hooped on my knees. It totally worked! I rocked the platform on my knees, hooping on the waist and shoulders and rocking it around the neck. At some point I remember being on my back and foot hooping.

The fun part was the crowd though. Because when I went down on my knees (as a final resort from not being able to find my space on my feet) I could sense this collective gasp like “wow.” That’s right dammit, I was determined to get my hoop on and I did by any means necessary. *fist pump

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My Body Would Hoop All the Time…

if my mind didn’t get tired.*

I just realized that my hooping is like my life. I rock out, do my thing, without a lick of concern about what others think and I achieve. I work on style, technique, tricks, and more. I’m fueled by a need to succeed and a need to see my success. Much like life. Everything I do, I throw myself into: in love AND hatred. I heart my successes, they are all unique. Despair over my mistakes, but work to make them better (like any trick).

But also in my hoop practice, like in life, when I get tired, I drop sh-t. I don’t play anymore, can’t focus, don’t plan, nothing, nada, no way no how. I getz burnt yo.

BUT like in my life, in my hooping this is okay.

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