What’s That Thing in Oakland? Scraper Bikes

Vodpod videos no longer available.
I started seeing kids with these bikes around the time spinning rims started to come out on cars. I thought it was cute. They don’t have a car to put rims on, but hey, they got a bike. They can put rims on that. Who had any idea these bikes, in addition to being cool, could also be a source of positive change?

Watch the video.

Did you know you could also ghost ride the scrape?

Late Night Video Taisō: Onara (Fart) Exercise

Onara Taisō or Exercise for Farting, is a song that originated from the popular Josei (comics aimed at young women) manga Nodame Cantabile. [link] The series has been running in Japan since 2001 and is mainly about the relationship between its two main characters; classical musicians Megumi Noda and Shinichi Chiaki.

The manga has been remade into an anime, a live-action TV drama (which you can find online), and a live-action movie (also online). In 2006, the comic won an award from the New York Public Library for Books for the Teen Age.

All the kids in the clip are dressed like characters from the series.

Late Night Video Taisō: Chair Exercises

This taiso is especially for you desk workers.

At times, I find it hard to get up from my desk when I am working. This was definitely true when I was working for a company (actually companies) that actively championed eating at your desk through lunch.  Here’s to having and finding balance between your time and company time.

Late Night Video Taisō: Jetman

Unlike many others at my high school who took Spanish or French for their language requirement, I took Japanese. In part because I wanted to be different and also because I loved anime (Japanese animation).

Our teacher, who made us refer to her as Sensei, was a small dominant woman with a limp and a very sharp mind. She tolerated no lip. She made us exercise everyday in class — our American lunches (Pizza Hut and Taco Bell at the time) made us too sluggish in class.

Working at home can make one sluggish too. So like Sensei would say, “Minna-san, time to get up and exercise.”