Music Filler — Nujabes feat. Shing02

I’m sure you’ve see this video already. If not, take a minute and get acquainted.

It’s the super cool video featuring Japanese people, slowed down on film, doing silly running towards the camera. The music track playing in the background is by Japanese hip hop producer/DJ Seba Jun, or Nujabes. (Nujabes is his name spelled backwards.)

The video above is from a Japanese chillout DVD directed by Sou Ootsuki and produced by Tokyo Cultuart (CULTuArt = Culture Cult Art), a project of the popular Japanese company Beams. The DVD features the video above and two other videos. The music for the DVD, which advertises %100 percent chillout, features music by Ken Takehisa, Libro, and Evisbeats. I couldn’t find the first two artists, but I did find Evisbeats; and if this is the type of stuff on the DVD, it may be worth the purchase. (Hopefully the DVD is formatted for playback outside of Japan.)

Adult Swim lovers may recognize Nujabes’ music in some of the iconic Adult Swim bumps. Anime lovers may know Nujabes’ style of music from the anime Samurai Champloo. Champloo was made by Shinichirō Watanabem, the creator of the popular series Cowboy Bebop. In addition to being a great anime, Watanabem made sure Bebop featured a beautiful selection of jazz music to accompany the dramadies. For Samurai Champloo, Watanabem made sure the series featured great hip-hop tracks by asking Nujabes to contribute to the background music and soundtracks.

For more Japanese hip-hop check out Evisbeats below. Continue reading

Late Night Video Taisō: Hatsune Miku’s Head Exercises

I feel like I’ve been a little neglectful in keeping up with the taisō posts, so I’m posting this one tonight and will post another on Monday, the normal day I post taisōs.

And yes, I know exactly what this video is and what I posted. But don’t tell anyone else; it spoils the fun of introducing someone to gabber/speedcore. (Minna-san, consider that as your warning.)

Late Night Video Taisō: Onara (Fart) Exercise

Onara Taisō or Exercise for Farting, is a song that originated from the popular Josei (comics aimed at young women) manga Nodame Cantabile. [link] The series has been running in Japan since 2001 and is mainly about the relationship between its two main characters; classical musicians Megumi Noda and Shinichi Chiaki.

The manga has been remade into an anime, a live-action TV drama (which you can find online), and a live-action movie (also online). In 2006, the comic won an award from the New York Public Library for Books for the Teen Age.

All the kids in the clip are dressed like characters from the series.

The Cute, The Quirky, The Asians

IMG_0035 (2)I’ve been absent from updating this site simply because that’s just the way it is right now. Hooping, hoop making, and generally hoopy things have taken my time. Here are three hoops I made for clients and a friend.

In the meantime, while I’m sorting out what the world needs and what makes people act dumb, please check out some of the sites on my blogroll. This week I suggest:

Idol Worship: Salvation for the Workshy Congregation [link]

The site is exactly as it says, a fun, quirky, SF-oriented website dedicated to entertaining (distracting) the desk jockeys of the world (unite!). In fact, because of them I found one of my new favorite sites, Asian Poses – The Definite Guide to Asian Poses. [link]

img-1193-poseThat site too, is exactly as it says, a guide to Asian poses. What are Asian poses you ask? And why you ask? Well Asians, particularly those invested in mainstream pop culture (think Japanese Idols), are notorious for their cute and quirky poses. Asian Poses is dedicated to documenting those poses and showing you how you can get your cute and quirky on.

I say it’s about time too. Too often, non-Asian cultures are have been limited to the dull “I’m only smiling in this picture” or “I’m showing my thug face” or the notorious out-of focus, “I’m too cool to act like I’m posing but I’m really posing” picture that became infamous on MySpace or for the females, “I’m posing for all the prisoners in cellblock four” or the “Check me out I could be a model right?” picture.

Now you and me and everybody has no excuses! In addition to writing about the poses, the site author also invites readers to send in their Asian poses through a pose challange. Check out this submission from their reader Samuel.


Check out their site to see more reader submissions and more poses. And check out this short video to see the 27 poses that have been written about so far. Continue reading