Deal With Anger Mindfully, 6 Steps

Step 1: Learn what not to do. [link]

Step 2: Slow down your anger response. [link]

Step 3: Do self-compassion. [link]

Step 4: Understand your anger. [link]

Step 5: Label your emotions. [link]

Step 6: Expand your vocabulary. [link]

As I was writing one of the highest viewed articles on this website, “How to Deal With Anger, Mindfully,” I realized that the advice written may be beyond the ability of some readers.

In a nutshell, what if the reader couldn’t even deal with their anger because they couldn’t even accept themselves having anger (suppression). Or what if they could accept their anger but they got stuck there; unable to get past the stage where anger helps them understand their feelings and grow from the experience?

What could I do for those readers?

I decided to dig through the most current literature on anger from the worlds of psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience and compile what I discovered in a step-by-step guide that can hopefully help readers tend to their anger mindfully from the beginnings of anger to the end.

The guide touches on why you shouldn’t supress your anger, how to keep your anger in check, how to understand your anger, and more. The steps are listed in logical order, but you should feel free to start wherever you feel like you need to start.

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