Portfolio of E.M. Adams

Freelance Work

Dotspotter was one of the first companies I worked with. I produced the company’s newsletters, front page and other website content needs.

Dotspotter email

Dotspotter Showtime email promotion

Dotspotter VH1 email promotion

Other freelance article pieces:

Oakland Mindfulness: What is Meditation?

Oakland Mindfulness: Mindfulness and Kids

Queens and Bees: Help Your Brain

Queens and Bees: Expand Your Vocabulary


BabyCenter is a top online destination for parenting content. I produced user-targeted emails for the website and performed blog coordination duties for two blogs.

Pregnancy Bulletin email

Baby Bulletin email

ParentCenter Bulletin email

Pregnancy Bulletin email, father


Become is a shopping comparison engine. I wrote SEO-focused articles, guides and blog posts. In addition to writing, I also coordinated the content of three blogs and assigned writing topics to the in-house and global team writers.

Top 10 Baby Essentials

Product Advertisement, Easter

Women’s Products, clothing

Men’s Products, toiletries

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