Woe is Me! Rules of Simplicity Too

Woez iz me, I’ve been too busy. Too busy to even write for the site. I’ve been busy studying/reading (yet again) the book  Letting Go of the Words, Writing Web Content that Works by Ginny Reddish and busy fondling my found copy of Words Into Type. But I do have something in my back pocket.

A friend turned me on to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, which peaked my interest because if you don’t know, anyone who majors in web writing, like me, has an interest in persuading you.  The Lab says this about themselves:

The purpose of the Persuasive Technology Lab is to create insight into how computing products–from websites to mobile phone software–can be designed to change people’s beliefs and behaviors. Our major projects include technology for creating health habits, mobile persuasion, and the psychology of Facebook.

And they do a side project called the Web Credibility Project. The goal of that project is to learn the following:

  • What causes people to believe (or not believe) what they find on the Web?
  • What strategies do users employ in evaluating the credibility of online sources?
  • What contextual and design factors influence these assessments and strategies?
  • How and why are credibility evaluation processes on the Web different from those made in face-to-face human interaction, or in other offline contexts?

If any of these things interest you, then go check out their web pages, which I linked to FYI.

In the meantime, here is Dr. BJ Fogg, the head of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, talking about the rules of simplicity as he sees it.

Hope you enjoy!



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