Some Love, Some Hate, Some La Linea, Some Jamiroquai


With such a long and slightly horrible week  (equipment and people breaking down on me at the most inconvenient times!),  a week that will continue on since I have work projects that need my attention–mind you. So I had to find something to soothe me. The first thing I found was the video for Jamiroquai’s (Don’t) Give Hate a Chance. The song is very disco Jamir, which is to say the song is groovy and full of signature J-funk. The video though, is what I love. The video is based on the old cartoon La Linea, an Italian cartoon short that many of you may recognize if you were a youngin’ who watched the public television show, The Great Space Coaster.

Speaking of La Linea,  did you know the Italian cartoon wasn’t all innocent fun all the time? The little man had his dirty fun too. Of course you wouldn’t have ever seen that on The Great Space Coaster, but after the jump, you can see it here.


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