Photo Spread: What Happens At The RealDoll Factory …

I’ve had this sitting in my “to-do” list for some weeks ago. When Laughing Squid posted something that is like this on their website, I was partial sad, partially mad, partially motivated to do what should have been done those weeks ago when I first discovered this.

Photographer CanePari uses his lens to take us inside the workings of the RealDoll factory down around my hometown of San Diego, CA.

I first heard of these things back in the late 90s. I think it went like this on the IRC chan I was on at the time. “LOL WTF someone made real woman dolls!”

You’d think at $7,000.00 a doll, that these things might just  be a passing fad for uber-pervs, but with lovely, delightful movies like Lars and The Real Girl. It seems like these dolls provide more than perverted delight.

And even though they don’t sell as often as female dolls, male dolls are available for the women (or man) who’s had enough of the dating, hooking up, cohabiting, and then, perhaps, marrying with an autonomous-thinking male.

Or you could just get a “She-Male” doll; best of both worlds right?

Please, go view the entire RealDoll factory photo spread on CanePari’s website here,
And take a look at the recently made mini-documentary made about RealDoll done by the website California Is A Place.


Srsly, I hate feeling like I’ve been scooped; even though I really haven’t been scooped. Dammit.


One thought on “Photo Spread: What Happens At The RealDoll Factory …

  1. Haha I would consider getting one if I had the dough. Best of both worlds one sounds good to me! I’ll take two plz.

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