Sarah Palin, Tea Baggers, Learn from Moral Orel?

The beginning of this week was filled with news about Sarah Palin reading notes off her palm while talking at the first ever Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

She also cleverly linked the word “hope” to “nope,” in that way only pit bulls with lipstick can do…

“Hope” is one of the keywords that President Obama, the current president, used to encourage the masses to vote for him in his presidential campaign.

But before Palin used the “hope, nope,” dope-a-rope rope-a-dope routine, there was another place you could find “hope, nope.” Check out this 2006 episode of Moral Orel, the adventures of a kid trying to be faithful to his religion; the part in question comes in at 1 min and 35 secs. Was someone watching the Orel when they wrote Palin’s “hope, nope” phrase?


4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, Tea Baggers, Learn from Moral Orel?

  1. The distractions of the useless political class are endless. The nations are run by the corporation now. Attack the corporation, stop being distracted with all this shit. Satire makes no difference. It’s political masturbation. Attack the corporation, undermine it, destroy it, burn it to the ground before it makes slaves of all of us.

    • I disagree. Satire makes a huge difference, in everything. If anything it makes mindless ranting about whatever issue a lot less boring. =) And it also helps the ranter keep a sense of humor about themselves so they don’t take themselves so seriously. Because seriously, why would you do that all the time?

      • It’s a gloss. But what idea does it propose. For all their funny (and they are funny), what do Stewart and Colbert propose? What is one left with? They are leftists who are too afraid to be leftists openly because they would be fired. It becomes, after a while, a spectacle in impotence, an abject lesson for the young who might harbor anti-capitalist sentiment but who doesn’t have the intellectual machinery to do something with it. This is exactly why it is allowed to continue, even though they are obviously constantly engaged in a battle with their own employers.

  2. A gloss? What does that mean?

    Anyway, what does it matter if Stewart/Cobert suggest anything? Are they supposed to lead us? And i think to suggest that they should isn’t a great thing to do or believe in.

    The “Lefties” you speak of are that way because of the culture that breeds those “lefties.” That’s the reason why they don’t have the intellectual machinery as you like to say.

    What do Colbert and Stewart have to do with that? What does satire have to do with that? And why should the people who want the type of change you want, even ask those ppl to do that? It’s like asking someone else to do the work of something I want done. I can ask them to help, but do the work? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    And to me, I would embrace the satire because some people wouldn’t know that it’s possible to think differently without being exposed to satire. Which makes your job of giving the intellectual machinery easier cuz there is a bit of flexibility in their thinking.

    The job of adding intellectual machinery is not the responsibility of one or two popular figures. If you want to change the machinery then do the work. Figure out why this is or isn’t happening and then work to reach your goal. This has nothing to do with satire or colbert or stewart it has to do with how dedicated you are to making what you want happen.

    And the first thing I would suggest is lose the anti-capitalist bla bla language. In some situations that language is totally called for but in the end that’s like talking science jargon with a non-scientist. You lose your audience and you end up sounding like a pompous ass even if you don’t mean too.

    Second thing I would suggest is understanding cultural hegemony and figuring out what America’s hegemony is. Then i would suggest learning about propaganda and influence. To see this last piece of advice in action please review how the Republicans came into power beginning in the 70s and study some Frank Lutz while you’re at it.

    Regardless of your beliefs Americans are only human, at our cores we are animals who operate on our base instincts. Republicans know that, as well as marketing ppl, and sales ppl.

    So if you want to change the machinery, know the machine. It’s a bit like know your enemy to change your enemy.

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