Music Filler — Public Enemy

“By the Time I Get to Arizona”

Perfect for the Martin Luther King (MLK) holiday in the U.S. This song is a response to former Arizona governor Evan Mecham, who in 1987 canceled Martin Luther King Day as a paid government holiday.

Mecham was quoted as saying, “King doesn’t deserve a holiday.”  He followed this up by telling black community leaders, “You folks don’t need another holiday. What you folks need are jobs.”

So in 1991, Public Enemy responded with the video “By the Time I Get to Arizona.”  In the video the group is seen staging an assassination of the governor. The video was controversial, to say the least, and banned or sentenced to latenight airplay on some stations.

I wonder if someone could get away with making a video like that about Bush Jr., these days.


One thought on “Music Filler — Public Enemy

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