Music Filler — Nujabes feat. Shing02

I’m sure you’ve see this video already. If not, take a minute and get acquainted.

It’s the super cool video featuring Japanese people, slowed down on film, doing silly running towards the camera. The music track playing in the background is by Japanese hip hop producer/DJ Seba Jun, or Nujabes. (Nujabes is his name spelled backwards.)

The video above is from a Japanese chillout DVD directed by Sou Ootsuki and produced by Tokyo Cultuart (CULTuArt = Culture Cult Art), a project of the popular Japanese company Beams. The DVD features the video above and two other videos. The music for the DVD, which advertises %100 percent chillout, features music by Ken Takehisa, Libro, and Evisbeats. I couldn’t find the first two artists, but I did find Evisbeats; and if this is the type of stuff on the DVD, it may be worth the purchase. (Hopefully the DVD is formatted for playback outside of Japan.)

Adult Swim lovers may recognize Nujabes’ music in some of the iconic Adult Swim bumps. Anime lovers may know Nujabes’ style of music from the anime Samurai Champloo. Champloo was made by Shinichirō Watanabem, the creator of the popular series Cowboy Bebop. In addition to being a great anime, Watanabem made sure Bebop featured a beautiful selection of jazz music to accompany the dramadies. For Samurai Champloo, Watanabem made sure the series featured great hip-hop tracks by asking Nujabes to contribute to the background music and soundtracks.

For more Japanese hip-hop check out Evisbeats below.


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