When Etsy Art Goes Wrong, There’s Regretsy

Take a look. Look hard, if you can stand it.


This is a Fish in a Squirrel Suit Taxidermy available on Etsy.com for $350.00 dollars.

And take a look at this:


The picture is pretty self-explanatory but if not, these too — knitted key chain tampon holders, are also available on Etsy.com.

You can find these gems plus more on the newish website called Regretsy. The site began in September of this year and is slowly starting to make a splash in the world of  websites about things gone wrong. (See People of Walmart or Look at this f**king hipster for examples.)

Browse the site and you will find etsy art like a pink leopard goat coat, a fetus-shaped catnip toy, reusable cloth Pokemon menstrual pads, and corn poo soap that is much too real-looking.

A lot of the bad etsy art featured on the site is oriented towards vaginas and sex. So much so, that some of those against the site have suggested that the site’s producer has a problem with her “lady parts.”

Luckily the site has a disclaimer that reminds everyone that “art is totally subjective.” Art like these hand silkscreened giant condom pillows with small condom pocket.


If anything, the site gives everyone else something to read and chuckle about.


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