Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce and Glee

I do not pay attention to pop music. I’m sure if I had cable I would, but I don’t and “dems da breaks.” With all that said though, I just can’t escape Beyonce and her song “Single Ladies.” It’s that song where she keeps chanting “should’ve put a ring on it.” It’s that video where she be strutting her stuff, tossing her mane, shaking her prized booty, all the while demanding she be respected for it too. Queen B is so influential she even got little babies trying to strut and do the “black girl” neck thing. (That’s right, I went there.)

Kick it out baby!

And just to demonstrate the power of Beyonce, the same day I saw the video above, the popular TV show Glee did their own tribute to Queen B. From one Queen to another I salute you.



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