Michael Jackson Has Been Buried, Now I Can Post This

Jonathan Haeber, the photographer responsible for documenting Michael Jackson’s infamous Neverland Ranch, tells the story of how he came to be at Neverland Ranch and the affect the Ranch had on him.


Haeber begins with, “as someone who finds significance in historic architecture, I neither saw Neverland as significant, nor historic.”  It was only after the thought occured to him, “why couldn’t Neverland be ‘historic’ in my mind?” that Haeber decided to pick up his camera and document the place.


Despite trespassing numerous times on different properties in order to get a picture, Haeber had a bit of reservation stepping onto Michael’s “private park.” Haeber consoles himself with the thought,” Michael truly wanted to share his world. It was a genuine wish of his for everyone to understand things the way he did.”


To Haeber the experience was “surreal” and everything he viewed indicated that Michael was an “innocent man.”


Haeber’s one regret? He didn’t ride down the Super Slide.


Read the entire story and see newly released pictures on Bearings.


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