Your People/Peeps/Homies Etc.

bzcolaThis list is from an article on Rands in Response about networking as a geek. I think the points made can apply to anyone who is in or wonders about the social structure of the modern day non-kindred social family.

  • Your connection with Your People instant and obvious; it transcends age and experience.
  • The best way to discover if someone is Your People is absence. If, when they return, it’s as if they never left, they are Your People.
  • There are more of them than you expect, but their number is disguised by the ebb and flow of their presence in your life.
  • An investment of time with them will be repaid, but not in a way you can predict or expect. That is the point.
  • Your People will piss you off because the relationship is genuine. They do not coddle and they do not spin. Consequently, Your People error-correct you in ways that others cannot.
  • You may call on each other without reason, randomly. During these random visits, hours of time will vanish and neither you nor Your People will notice.
  • Conversely, long silences are also acceptable and comfortable.
  • Your People have a knack for showing up when you need them, even if you didn’t know you needed them prior to their arrival. I don’t know how they do this, but the more People you have, the more likely it is that this will happen.
  • Your People rarely demand anything. But when either you or they make a request, neither the request nor the agreement to do it is ever in question.
  • Your People keep in you in balance. Their presence reminds you first that that you’re never flying solo and, second, that there are two sides to every story.
  • Your People instinctively know who you are and are able to say accurate and valuable things to you and about you with stunningly little data.
  • You get mail all day from everyone, but you always stop to read mail from Your People.
  • Your People will always be Your People — even if they leave and never return.

Via Doublejack


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