Unemployment Time Filler: Learn an Instrument

Ahh, there you are, unemployed. Great feeling ain’t it? Not.

I find that there are only so many cover letters I can write, resumes I can update, and lies I can tell before I really want to unplug my mind from the task of finding a work gig. If I didn’t do that, I may end up hurting somebody! (kidding, kinda, ha ha)

So what to do with that extra time? Why not learn to play a musical instrument! (While also doing things to update your work skills; like for example, creating a blog or something dumb like that.)

Me, I decided to learn the guitar. I’ve always loved it and wanted to learn it, but never wanted to cut my fingernails off to learn it as a child. And now, because I’m prone to breaking my nails while (hula) hooping, my nails are always short so what’s a better time to learn, right?

My favorite website to use is JustinGuitar.com. I love that all the lessons are detailed and FREE. The site runs on an “honour system.” Basically, if you can afford to pay for lessons then do; if you can’t, then don’t — the site was made for folks like you. Check out this beginner tutorial for how to play “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley.

Don’t have the money to get a freaking guitar? Ah well, how about an ukulele?

You can get more beginner ukulele lessons from this nice guy Aaron who works at music supply store in Hawaii and teaches ukulele. Or maybe even this guy, Easyukulele.

But perhaps you’d like to learn something more exotic? Well what about a bansuri? The bansuri is an alto flute common in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. It’s quite a lovely sounding instrument as well.

Browse this guy’s YouTube channel for more lessons and you can also check out this handy site.

For those unwilling or unable to fork up the cash for those instruments, do not fear. There’s always learning the spoons.

And if you got two unemployed friends, you can direct one of them to the Harmonica Enthusiast group on YouTube to learn harmonica and the other one can learn the jug. That way, if money starts to become scarce, y’all can always put your asses out on the street earning money as a jug band. (Hey, it’s better than putting your ass out there as a hooker.)

And while this activity may just seem like fun, learning an instrument has been shown to relieve stress and make you smarter. Take that job searching blues!


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