Post-it® Brand Note Love

I’m broken. A recent spat of Post-it® videos making their way around the web have finally pushed me past the “I don’t want to post about this really” breaking point. Damn you people who make Post-it® Brand Note art look awesome. Grrrr. (FYI, I’m not being paid to write this.)

The first is “Post-it Love.” This is a charming short story of two office workers wooing each other with Post-it notes.

Post-it Love

The second is called “Deadline.” The video is a project of senior Bang-Yao Liu, who is a student of Savannah College of Art and Design. Read the information page of the video to learn more about the background of the video and a link to the making of the video. Oh yeah, the video also features a Röyksopp track, and of course everyone knows how I feel about them.


This is kind of, a little, about Post-it notes, but still beautiful nonetheless. It’s the story of a filmmaker’s life in 2,300 yellow sticky notes combined with hand-drawn images and text and set to an original musical score. The film was entered into competition at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival.

Yellow Sticky Notes


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