Think We Better Dance Now

What is it about dancing that can usually make even the surliest and jaded of people tap their foot?  Some even end up releasing all their inhibitions. I don’t know the answer but maybe if we talked to this guy at the Sasquatch Festival he could let us know.

Sometimes people dance as a form of protest. Like in Footloose, which — by the way, is being remade with one of the guys from Gossip Girl playing the Kevin Bacon role. This would make me sad if I hadn’t read about the Short Circuit and Poltergeist remakes in progress.

Anyhow I digress, watch these people dance to protest the plight of skinny jeans on our society.

Did you see that guy whiz by in those golden pants? He’s quick. Those people just ambushed the place.

Sometimes dance attacks aren’t so brutal. Take the Sound of Music train station piece done in Belgium.

Don’t worry, capitalist. There is a way to make money off these acts. Just ask the folks who did the choreographed piece for the company T-Mobile. (The piece above was done for a media station in Belgium.)

I think we better dance now.


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