A Blatent Spam Promotion — Piss Clear the Book

When I first went to Burning Man, I wondered if  my campmates would all be stinky idealistic hippies content with the idea of drinking their piss for survival or L.A. clubbers acting like, well, L.A. clubbers.

Luckily enough, I found myself within a village of pretty awesome people. And surprisingly, most (ok, really all) of them are known for bringing the snark (and calling each other out on their sh*t, imo). But don’t just believe me, listen to three of my campmates — Adrian Roberts, Malderor and Mysterious D talk about Green Man 2007, what Crimson knew, and other things in this Burncast episode from Burn 2007.

And then one day, I found out that my campmates were the brains behind Piss Clear, “Black Rock City’s alternative newspaper.” And then just like that, there was no more Piss Clear. And then just like that, the book Burning Man Live came.

Burning Man Live is a collection 13 years of Burning Man coverage from the alternative side of the playa, Piss Clear’s side. The paper’s cheeky and sarcastic tone earned it the moniker “Vice magazine of the playa.” Currently, the Piss Clear website has archives of its issues from 1997-2003. What’s especially fun is the archive of fake Piss Clear ads.

And if you are in the Bay Area on May 28th, you can receive a signed copy of the book, Burning Man Live, by going to the Piss Clear book release party at Mighty. (I just heard some industrial may be played on the dancefloor.) If you can’t go to the book release party, you can still order the book here, and have it signed by Piss Clear editor, Adrian Roberts.

I leave you with a Burncast.tv interview with Adrian at Burning Man 2008.


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