A Music Filler – Phoenix

Phoenix “Lisztomania”

Phoenix is an indie pop band from Versailles, France. They got their start as the backing band for the musical duo Air. The group also has musical ties to Daft Punk — the guitarist used to be in a group with both members of the popular electronica duo.

The band won their first taste of American fame, when Sofia Coppola (now the domestic partner of Phoenix’s singer, Thomas Mars) picked the band’s song, “Too Young,” to be in her movie Lost in Translation. (Here’s a remake of the scene with the song in it.) In late April of 2009, the French band earned a prized spot playing on Saturday Night Live with guest host Seth Rogen. (See Entertainment Weekly) The group played three songs, including “Too Young,” on SNL; a rarity that only a handful of artists and bands (McCartney, U2, Coldplay) can claim. (See Stereogum)

May 25th marks the release of the band’s fourth studio album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Best Week Ever says the new album is “fun” and full of “rocking tunes.” You can download a single from the new album, called “1901,”  from the band’s official website. The group also just released their North American tour dates in support of the new album. (See JamBase)

And since you are sure to hear the song, “If I Ever Feel Better,” one of their most popular songs to date, if you go see them live. Here’s a video with the lyrics so you can sing along in the future.


Phoenix “If I Ever Feel Better” w/ lyrics


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