Four 4:20 Folk Songs for Your Day

April 20th used to just be a day. Ya know — Today is April 20th , there are now 255 days remaining until the end of the year. People could be celebrating the birthdays of celebrities like Carmen Electra, Joey Lawrence, Crispin Glover, and George Takei. Some people may even be celebrating this guy’s birthday.

In the Bay Area, April 20th has become synonymous with the cannabis smoking tradition of 4:20. The tradition for 4:20 goes like this roughly, anytime the clock strikes 4:20, take a puff, bong rip, etc. (Some even count the 4:20s in other timezones.) April 20th means it’s 4/20 all day and that means most herb smokers will, if they can, be smoking all day.

To celebrate the spirit of the day, here are four popular 4:20 folk songs.

Musical Youth  “Pass the Dutchie”

FYI, Dutchie is Jamaican slang for a dutch oven. They’re talking about food not weed! However this song is very responsible for making sure everyone passes to the left.


Ben Harper  “Burn One Down”


The Toyes  “Smoke Two”

FYI: This is the ORIGINAL version of the song. I don’t want no more damn kids telling me that Sublime are the original creators. </old curmudgeonly rant>


RBL Posse  “Don’t Give Me No”


You have a 4:20 folk song you like and it isn’t up here? Tell me what it is and post a link in comments.

Update: Even Family Guy is on the 4/20 train, most likely because they know their market. =)


3 thoughts on “Four 4:20 Folk Songs for Your Day

    • I’m reading that that song may be more about prostitutes than smoking. Although I can see why people may think it’s about the latter. =)

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