Bad Paintings of Barack Obama

There once was a website called, as of today I can no longer find it. But just so you don’t miss out, here are some of the beauties you could’ve seen there.

bad-obamafirst1Check out the unicorn in the background.


blubamaYour guess is as good as mine.


eyebamaThere’s something here that reminds me of Red Meat comics.


hudsonobama-021Obama, butt-naked on a unicorn, even helped that dude land his airplane on the waters of the Hudson safely.


bad-obama2Hilary added for badness equality.

Update: Grego has informed me of another website where you can get your Obama art fix — The Art of Obama.

G also informed me of the story behind the Obama Hudson River Miracle painting. The painter, Dan Lacey, is well known for being the “Painter of Pancakes,” and his art has been featured on websites such as Daily Kos, Boing Boing, Wonkette, and Perez Hilton.


5 thoughts on “Bad Paintings of Barack Obama

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for giving me some great content. Keep up the pancakes, my friend is a fan of the bunny w/ pancake meme. =)

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