Snuggies Don’t Die, They Multiply

Poor bastird

Poor bastird

I thought by now, that maybe that damn Snuggie product would fade away — back to the hell that it spawned from. But no.

At the Yelp Snuggie Pub Crawl in SF, there were many poor misguided bastirds donning the product, ensuring that the Cult of Snuggie may never die or that it will be a long time before the product fades away. Some donned the original factory designed Snuggie. And then there were these bastirds.

Captain Snuggie

Captain Snuggie

Snuggie Spice

Snuggie Spice

Sadly, even SF Gate is warming to the cult.  -Sigh-  More misguided souls lost to the Cult of Snuggie.

Be aware that the Cult of Snuggie has no lines it won’t cross. Even conservatives like Tucker Carlson have been ensnared by the treacherous cult. And Joe the Plumber looks a little too comfortable in that Snuggie. I wonder if he’s ever worn a white version.

Does this come with a matching hood?

Just kidding Joe.


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