The Persistent Hooper 3

Have you read the first and second parts yet?


A tree grown in Berkeley

I'z dark person. Look at my deep picture

I couldn’t figure out the space I needed when I was hooping on my feet, there were too many things I was worried about hitting. So I kindly asked people to clear a small space around the platform I was on and I hooped on my knees. It totally worked! I rocked the platform on my knees, hooping on the waist and shoulders and rocking it around the neck. At some point I remember being on my back and foot hooping.

The fun part was the crowd though. Because when I went down on my knees (as a final resort from not being able to find my space on my feet) I could sense this collective gasp like “wow.” That’s right dammit, I was determined to get my hoop on and I did by any means necessary. *fist pump

When I was back to hooping on my feet I realized I could continue to hoop at my shoulders without hitting an obstacle, it was a small space but somehow my body figured out where I needed to be in order to succeed.

After I got back to my feet, I started experimenting with other positions I could hoop in. My most difficult yet my most comfortable position was bending backward with my chest pointed towards the sky and my head pointing at the crowd. It was difficult because it took a crazy amount of balance and concentration for me to keep the position while hooping on this platform that would shake with every heavy movement I made and also because it would just suck to lose balance and fall off the edge of the platform. (I’d be scared about injury but I’d also be hella embarrassed! oof!)

But being in that position was comfortable too because I knew it was the best I could do with the situation I was in. So I held my position and settled into a meditative state with my face looking at the roof and my inner eye mentally calculating how far my feet were from the edge and where I needed to relax my upper body so I wouldn’t feel as if I was about to fall off the stage. It made me happy to be in that position. There is something deeply satisfying about making something difficult look easy.

I would say that my compulsion to “perform,” is actually more of a compulsion to give. I don’t know what I’m giving exactly, but those who watch me perform seem to get something from it so it works out.


xoxo – qc


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