Eds Vs. Enid from Ghost World

I finally watched Ghost World after much friend hyping (only took me seven years to watch). For the most part I liked the movie. Steve Buscemi’s character Seymour was awesome and all the roles were well-acted. But the character Enid? OMG totally annoying.

I found myself repulsed by her ability to be so cruel, insensitive, and abusive to other characters in the movie. Not to say that I don’t indulge in those behaviors: I’m no angel. But when I do see someone in pain, discomfort, etc, I try to help; even if that person is a bit of a douche.

I’m often compared by my family to any pop culture icon with a smartass mouth and wry sense of humor (Jeanne Garofalo comes to mind).  But yeah, I have nothing in common with Enid except for the “don’t give a fck about the masses” personality and my affinity for Bollywood.

Speaking of Bollywood, I’m inspired to share a scene from one of my favorite Bollywood movies, Disco Dancer. In addition to being wonderfully fantastic, its also a hipster cult favorite. M.I.A. did a version of the song in this scene on her sophomore album Kala (2007). Click here if you want to watch the end of Disco Dancer and the M.I.A. version is after the jump.

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