The Persistent Hooper 2

Psihoop fun

Psihoop fun

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I told myself as soon as I saw that stage that I was going to be on it. Don’t care when but I’ll be on it. I waited for my chance the entire night and spent my time hugging it out and listening to the Ambient Mafia spin and kill the chill room. Peek played (more like sneaked) LL Cool J’s “Mama said Knock You Out” after the last two (Squelchy/Red Stickman) DJs played some awesome hip-hop and old-school inspired sets.

It’s fun for me to watch the chill room when the Mafia is spinning. I secretly get excited when I start seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they begin to recognize some song or are energized by the set someone is spinning. There is a joy in seeing your friends succeed.

When I finally get to the stage I realize, “holy shit this is not a proper hooping space.” There is some pipe or steel sticking off the top shelf that is about head level so not only am I worried about hitting my hoop, I worried about hitting my head. I had planned to just hoop without disturbing the crowd around the platform but that little problem made that not possible at all. What’s a hooper to do?

To quote the song “Battle Flag” by Lo-Fidelity All Stars, “get down on your motherfucking knees.

More later!

xoxo –qc

More is now! Read part 3

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