Eco-Holiday SF

Performer Eds: Hey you’re doing a show this Sunday, the 14th.

Recluse Eds: What?

Performer Eds: A show, ya know? You go out and do that thing labeled “hoopdance?” You’ll be doing it at Eco-Holiday this Sunday in SF.

Recluse Eds: I don’t do that, go away. Want to stay inside

Performer Eds: Liar. You know you’ve been pissy since you haven’t been performing.

Recluse Eds: True. I am a spotlight whore. What do I need to know?

Performer Eds: Well you’ll performing at 6 and Beats Antique will be playing. You need to get yourself a costume.

Recluse Eds: Oh crap, another costume.

Performer Eds: That’s right, another costume.

Recluse Eds: Thanks Performer Eds.

Performer Eds: You are welcomed.


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