My Body Would Hoop All the Time…

if my mind didn’t get tired.*

I just realized that my hooping is like my life. I rock out, do my thing, without a lick of concern about what others think and I achieve. I work on style, technique, tricks, and more. I’m fueled by a need to succeed and a need to see my success. Much like life. Everything I do, I throw myself into: in love AND hatred. I heart my successes, they are all unique. Despair over my mistakes, but work to make them better (like any trick).

But also in my hoop practice, like in life, when I get tired, I drop sh-t. I don’t play anymore, can’t focus, don’t plan, nothing, nada, no way no how. I getz burnt yo.

BUT like in my life, in my hooping this is okay.

Why is is so easy to allow yourself a break from hooping but not allow yourself a break from your life? So what if your life isn’t chocked full of awesome and rocking events each minute, hour, and second of your life. Even then — awesome and rocking are just adjectives (”events” is a noun) that we attribute to some mental idea that is only limited by our mental perceptions. In a nutshell you can have an awesome and rocking night cleaning your house, taking a break.

Anyhow, one day I would love for my mind to let go enough so I can rock the booty bump like this one hooper I saw YouTube. I would feel so hot. *growlz*

I guess I’ll just have to keep working on it until the day my booty bump brings all the boys men to the yard. And trust me, it will be better than yours.

— xoxo, qp

*from the annals of a former life


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